About Us

About Us

Welcome to OG LLC Multimedia Enterprises

Ozone Gold LLC and Ozone Gold Publishing & /Distribution is here to increase revolutionary techniques and avenues in the entertainment industry while fulfilling the ever-evolving wishes of our multi-talented artists and diverse consumer base. We offer superior service while individualizing every artist‘s branding needs with multifaceted consumer interactions.

About Us

We are the best

The 20years I’ve spent collaboratively in retirement services and entertainment have prepared and positioned me to rectify the ever-apparent struggle for those looking to retire successfully in the entertainment industry. We believe success starts with education and is more likely guaranteed with strategic planning; two areas in which we undoubtedly excel.

We provide the following and more:

We have completely blanketed the many components of media, and we look forward to working with you!

Heaven Hunn-Gilmore

CEO OG LLC/OG Publishing & Distribution

Welcome To Ozone Gold Radio

OZONE GOLD LLC and its subsidiary companies OG PUBLISHING/DISTRIBUTION and OZONE GOLD RADIO, collectively is a next level Entertainment Company. OZONE GOLD LLC is focused on bringing back the original sounds of music, introducing new infinite sounds to the radio, and educating our listeners in real wealth-building and general networking strategies that will help many during these strenuous times. 

About Us

Having 20 plus years as a Client Relations Coordinator for several music labels and in the parallel amount of time I’ve spent in retirement services, I saw the urgent need to provide proper financial literacy to not only our artist but to the world! I saw the ripple down effect of improper education and reliance on manipulated facts regarding retirement was hurting so many people. Economic empowerment through entertainment can and will be readily available!

Who We Are

Ozone Gold LLC is the answer to all of your entertainment assembly needs. With our fluent accessibility for creators, and astute ability to both custom build projects and provide global brand expansion via our global partners, Ozone Gold is undoubtedly the best source for your publishing and/or distributing needs. 

Our Vision

We are a vision of hope and a movement towards re-writing music history! Live entertainment will be accessible like never before! My name is Heaven Gilmore, I’m the CEO & Founder of Ozone Gold LLC and its subsidiaries Ozone Gold Radio and OGR Publishing & Distribution.

Our Mission

Our mission at Ozone Gold, LLC and Ozone Gold Publishing/Distribution, is to develop strategies and avenues within the entertainment industry that fulfills the ever-changing needs of our artist and consumers. We provide the highest level of service while catering to every consumer.

Ozone Gold Team

Our Team


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 CEO of Mosaic Masterminds


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Jessica Rockey

Project Coordinator