Embracing Change in Physical Music Distribution: Seizing Opportunities After CD Baby (Fumble and Catch)

Embracing Change in Physical Music Distribution: Seizing Opportunities After CD Baby (Fumble and Catch)

CD Baby, a renowned independent distributor with a remarkable 25+ year run, recently announced the discontinuation of their physical distribution services for CDs, vinyl, cassette tapes, DVDs, and more. While the music industry has embraced digital platforms, it is crucial to acknowledge the continued relevance of physical distribution. This shift by CD Baby will impact numerous notable artists who have relied on their services.

The Power of Physical Distribution:
Even in the digital age, physical music formats like CDs and vinyl records continue to hold substantial appeal for fans, collectors, and audiophiles worldwide. In fact, physical retail sales accounted for approximately $1.75 billion of the total revenue generated globally by the music industry over the past seven years. Vinyl sales, in particular, have experienced a remarkable 17% increase in recent years, showcasing the sustained demand for tangible music products.

Navigating the Evolving Landscape:
With CD Baby’s departure from physical distribution, the responsibility of ensuring widespread availability of physical products now lies with the artists and respected record labels themselves. However, achieving extensive physical distribution on a grand scale can be a formidable challenge without the guidance and support of experienced professionals who have established relationships with major distributors and retailers. This is where Ozone Gold (OG), a multimedia publishing and distribution company, steps in.

Introducing Ozone Gold Publishing (OG):
Ozone Gold (OG) is an innovative publishing and distribution company that offers the same distribution capabilities as CD Baby and more. We utilize the same global distributors that CD Baby did. This alone will make transitioning your physical assets seamless. What sets OG apart is its unwavering commitment to meeting the unique needs of artists, authors, and film companies. Boasting a team of seasoned executives with decades of experience in music administration and marketing, OG provides a comprehensive range of services, including expansive distribution networks and multimedia marketing strategies.


Curated Filtration for Success:
In an era where platforms like Spotify receive over 30,000 new song uploads daily and digital distribution is accessible to anyone, the importance of meticulous product filtration cannot be overstated. While platforms like DistroKid and TuneCore provide distribution access, they lack the personalized support and advocacy necessary for artists to thrive. OG recognizes the significance of curating high-quality content before it reaches major distribution channels, ensuring that deserving artists receive the recognition they deserve.

Seizing Opportunities with OG:
OG is fully equipped to assist artists and labels in achieving success within the evolving music industry landscape. With a dedicated team of experts, OG offers professional project management, transparent processes, and tailored support. To schedule a one-on-one consultation and explore physical distribution opportunities, visit OzoneGoldRadio.com. It is important to note that due to the overwhelming demand, there may be a consultation fee and a scrupulous filtration process in place to ensure that the market is not flooded with undesired projects. OG’s mission is to maximize exposure for artists with genuine talent and potential.

Despite CD Baby’s decision to discontinue physical distribution, the ongoing growth of the music market cannot be ignored. With total retail sales reaching an impressive $15.9 billion in 2022, including a significant contribution from physical sales, it is evident that physical distribution remains a crucial avenue for artists’ success. Ozone Gold (OG) fills the void left by CD Baby, serving as a reliable partner for artists and labels seeking to regain physical distribution reach. With OG’s comprehensive services, experienced team, and unwavering dedication to artists’ success, it becomes the perfect conduit for maximum exposure. Don’t miss out on this opportunity—visit OzoneGoldRadio.com and schedule your one-on-one consultation today. OG believes in the artists and is committed to being the voice that gets you heard. OG, NEVER SHUT THE FUNK UP!”

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